Whole Sale Distributors

Kaftechno provides you software which is well suited for small, medium and large sized distributors with unlimited company revenues, unlimited employees and users. Our software is built on Windows as an integrated ERP, inventory management, and accounting software. This means software is capable of handling the back-office needs as well as logistical and operational requirements.

Those who are best suited companies that are looking for growth or seeking improvements to their “backend” operations. Highlights of the software includes the ability to track lot numbers and expiration dates of their products important to those in the food/ beverages services, pharmaceutical, chemicals and medical and equipment supply industries.

Whole Sale Distributors

Business Reporting & Analytics

Standard reports, including financial performance, client, sales, reporting and customized reporting.

Customer Services & Help desk

Delight your customers by streamlining your support and deliver faster customer care.

Big Data

Correlating internal business data with large scale external data sources to provide new insides into your business and open your business to new business opportunities

Business Planning & Budgeting

Business plan, cash flow forecast, SWOT analysis, business model canvas.